The Odour Panel!

The Odour Panel!

We have seen the demand for high impact aroma chemicals increase year on year as consumers demand more sophisticated flavours in their food and beverages. Using high impact aroma chemicals in a flavour formulation can enhance that particular flavour. We understand that it is important to produce a consistent odour profile to ensure the consumer experiences the same taste or smell every time. 

Endeavour Speciality Chemicals has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing high impact aroma chemicals. Our established manufacturing and quality control procedures ensure our aroma products are consistently produced to the very highest standards with reproducible odour profiles.

It is important to produce a consistent odour profile with a good product assay. The routine use of GCMS on all products is a crucial aspect of product profile control to enable the effect of very low-level impurities to be assessed. Our aroma products are assessed by our trained odour panel as part of quality control procedures.

“Odour assessment is a critical part of our business and as such the odour panel plays a vital role in ensuring that our products consistently meet our customers’ expectations. Being an odour panel member for over twenty years has taught me a great deal about the nuances of the odour profiles of our products. Our detailed processes and skill and knowledge of our distillation chemists, ensures our products have consistent odour profiles, every time they are produced” Dr Greig Milsom, R&D Manager.

As well as the odour profile of the product being tested, other analytical techniques used at Endeavour Speciality Chemicals to confirm consistency of product quality, including:

  • Gas chromatography
  • GCMS
  • HPLC
  • Acid value and water content (Karl Fischer)
  • Density & RI
  • Melting point and LOD

Endeavour Speciality Chemicals is ISO9001 Quality Management and ISO22000 Food Safety Management certified. Products hold Kosher certification. Further information is available upon request.

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