Our Aroma Products
Our Aroma Products

We manufacture a range of synthetic and natural flavour ingredients, known collectively as high impact aroma chemicals.

High impact aroma chemicals are a diverse group of compounds that are used to add character and definition to flavour formulations. Endeavour Speciality Chemicals manufactures over 450 separate compounds with defined aromas, available at 10g to 25kg (this may vary for each product). We can also support large-scale project requirements by transferring manufacturing to our sister company – Robinson Brothers Limited (UK).

Flavour profiles include: hazelnut, blackcurrant, grapefruit, roast meat, coffee, chocolate, dairy, cheesy, amongst many others.

High impact aroma chemicals are usually accepted as:

  • Having a low odour threshold (10 parts per billion or less).
  • Offering a desirable and defined character when used at very low concentrations.
  • Requiring approval for its intended use. For flavours this generally means they have FEMA GRAS (Flavour and Extracts Manufacturers Association – Generally Regarded as Safe) status.
  • Having a sufficiently long shelf-life for it to be considered for use in a flavour.

Our established manufacturing and stringent quality control procedures ensure our aroma products are consistently produced to the very highest standards with reproducible odour profiles. Our aroma products are assessed by our trained odour panel as part of quality control procedures.

Endeavour is ISO9001 and ISO22000 certified. Selected products hold Kosher certification. Further information is available upon request.

Our aroma products are sold by our exclusive distributor, Treatt, to industries across the world; including the food, beverage and fragrance markets. The value of a large number of flavour compounds (which is a reflection of the difficulty of producing and handling such odorous materials), can usually be offset by the very low doses in which they are used. Thus, our aroma products are considered to be cost effective for many flavourists.

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