Organic Synthesis
Organic Synthesis

Organic synthesis is the foundation upon which Endeavour Speciality Chemicals is built. Since 1991, we have used our expertise in organic chemistry to produce in excess of 450 aroma products and speciality chemicals.

Our research & development laboratories support new product development and custom synthesis projects. We currently offer a range of compounds, including:

Acetal Acetyl halide Acyl halide
Alcohol Aldehyde Carboxylic acid
Cyanante Dione Disulfide
Ester Ether Guanidine
Ketal Ketone Sulphone
Sulphonyl halide Sulphoxide Thiamide
Thioester Thiol

We recognise that, as an industry, we must become greener and more environmentally friendly.  Manufacturing processes at Endeavour are regularly reviewed with the aim of increasing efficiency and sustainability, whilst minimising waste and reducing our environmental impact.  For example, this may mean;

  • Using alternative feedstocks from renewable sources
  • Selecting catalytic processes rather than those requiring stoichiometric reagents
  • Proactively reducing the use of hazardous reagents in syntheses

At Endeavour, we frequently look to use our knowledge of organic synthesis to assist companies achieve their sustainability goals. We have recently worked with companies involved in:

  • CO2 capturing technologies
  • Low-cost high efficiency lighting products
  • Enzymatic process technologies that yield high-value compounds

Organic synthesis plays a fundamental role at Endeavour – enabling us to supply a variety of high purity aroma products and speciality chemicals.

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