New Product Development
New Product Development

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The international flavours and fragrances market is thriving and rapidly expanding, thanks to a growing global population with rising disposable income and increasing demand for consumer goods such as processed foods and personal care items. Trends in consumer products are continually changing and evolving, creating a demand for new and unique flavours and fragrances.

At Endeavour Speciality Chemicals, we are regularly investing in new product development of aroma products. A large proportion of our current aroma product range are rich, intense, distinctive and powerful compounds. Our new product selections follow these criteria, but we also ensure they are scalable and sustainable. Although these are challenging demands, at Endeavour we strive to make sure all these principles are met.

Our new product development does not stop at flavours and fragrances.  Our sister company Robinson Brothers Limited (UK) manufactures speciality/fine chemicals and rubber accelerators.  We frequently work collaboratively to share our skills and expertise to identify robust, reproducible and scalable methods for new product enquiries. Together, we support new product development enquiries for laboratory scale through to commercial multi-tonne quantities.

We are committed to continuous innovation, enabling our customers to fulfil their creativity potential and achieve their goals.

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