Handling Odorous Materials
Handling Odorous Materials

Endeavour Speciality Chemicals has strict controls and procedures in place for odour containment to protect our team and the local environment.

Our aroma products and speciality chemicals can be highly volatile and highly odorous, with odour detection thresholds below 10 parts per billion. Our odour control practices start with well-developed standard operating procedures and working practices which are designed to minimise the release of odours during the manufacture, testing and packaging of our products.

However, good practice alone is not sufficient to control the odour from such powerful compounds. Endeavour has invested significant resources in the design and installation of sophisticated systems to control odour. We also ensure manufacturing processes that release an odour are performed in our fully ventilated fume hoods, which are connected to our specialised odour abatement plant. This eliminates all odour from the extracted air before it is released back into the local environment.

Our custom designed odour abatement plant works through a highly effective combination of wet scrubbing and carbon filtration to completely remove odour, allowing us to meet the stringent requirements of our environmental permit.

Endeavour is committed to regularly reviewing processes to make ensure odours are contained to protect our team and the local environment.

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