More than 30 Years of Chemical Synthesis at Endeavour Speciality Chemicals Ltd

More than 30 Years of Chemical Synthesis at Endeavour Speciality Chemicals Ltd

Endeavour Speciality Chemicals is marking 32 years of chemical manufacturing this year. Our success in manufacturing aroma and speciality chemicals is based on the expertise we have developed in organic chemistry. This includes manufacturing a range of functional heterocycles, complex thiols and novel alcohols and esters.

We offer an extensive product range of high impact aroma and speciality chemicals that can be produced in gram to multi-kilogram quantities. We have the facility to scale-up production to multi-tonne quantities, if required and chemistry permitting, at our sister company Robinson Brothers Limited (UK). We work closely together to ensure product manufacture is seamlessly scaled and quality is reproduced.

“Here in Daventry, we have, through experience and technical know-how, become experts in handling and managing sulphur containing reagents such as hydrogen sulphide and methyl mercaptan. We perform chemistry at a volume that is between research scale and pilot plant scale which affords us flexibility and agility in our approach and methodology,” Dr Stewart House, General Manager.

As well as our existing product range, we can offer the following services.

  • Synthetic route development
  • Process optimisation
  • Custom synthesis
  • Contract/toll manufacturing services
  • Odour testing for QC purposes

We follow stringent quality control measures to ensure our products are manufactured to the highest quality. This includes following ISO22000 Food Safety Management, HACCP and GMP guidelines.

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