Careers at Endeavour: Why do an industrial placement year whilst studying?

As students prepare for their end of year exams, we take a look at the career avenues available for those interested in further education.

Endeavour Speciality Chemicals has been taking industrial placement students since 2008. The placement is open to students who are enrolled on chemistry degree courses that have the option to take a year in industry. Whilst at Endeavour, the placement student is employed within the Research & Development department where they spend a year working in an industry setting on a synthetic chemistry project. The project is designed to be relevant to both the academic course and the needs of the business. Endeavour always strives to make the placement year as beneficial as possible for both the student and the company, as such we have had a clear run of 1st class awards for both the placement year and final degree for all of our past students to date.

Feature: James Harnedy took on a Placement Chemist role with Endeavour Speciality Chemicals in 2017-2018, whilst studying Medicinal and Biological Chemistry at the University of Nottingham. Carrying out his placement at Endeavour gave James a real insight into the role of a Chemist, as well as the practical theory and skills to apply to his degree. Now at the end of his final year of studies, James has decided to pursue a career in chemistry and has recently been offered a position as a Synthetic Chemist at a UK based Custom Research Organisation. “I know I wouldn’t have even been considered if it were not for my year at Endeavour”, said James. The practical experience and employability skills gained by doing an industrial placement year is invaluable when applying for a job amongst other graduate applicants.

Whilst working for Endeavour, students are encouraged to learn about the chemical manufacturing industry through industry publications, participating in meetings across departments and attending symposia. This increased awareness of the industry can allow students to make better informed decisions when decided what career path to pursue.


About Endeavour Speciality Chemicals

Founded in 1991, Endeavour Speciality Chemicals has become a dependable supplier of high impact aroma chemicals and speciality chemicals. We serve a variety of industries across the world, including: food ingredients, perfume houses, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and material sciences.

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