Our People
Our People

Our People are our strength. From recruitment through induction to full job competency, our employees are highly valued as contributors to the ongoing success of the company. The company/employee relationship is symbiotic – both flourish if both are equally valued and respected. Our values are traditional where we encourage all our employees to bring something individual to the organisation which strengthens its core structure and values.


Customer Service is often overlooked in today`s rapidly moving world; our Sales team take it in their stride as routine whilst always remembering its importance. Our team is knowledgeable – including product expertise – and helpful, whilst remaining professional at all times. They will always look to resolve any customer issue in the most practical, efficient and timely manner.

Quality Control

Our degree-qualified team understands the importance of getting it right, every time! In today`s world, the drive towards product perfection and consistency of perfection is clearly understood. Odour profiling of many of our products is a skill acquired from practice and repetition which requires patience, a skill that is instilled in our team. Their response to customer product quality concerns is all encompassing, explaining root cause, corrective action and ultimately resolution; this is not always straightforward as odour profiling can be subjective. The team understands what is critical to the customer and focus their attention in these areas.


Our Production team are all chemists. Each well-documented product manufacturing process is followed fully to ensure product quality, yield and health and safety considerations are met. Our team, once fully competent, are assigned different tasks including reaction monitoring, work-up and distillations. Their skill level is high and their product technical knowledge develops on each and every job. Each of the team understands their environmental responsibilities under the leadership of two experienced Production Managers.

Material Logistics

The team manages all aspects of materials movement on site including goods-in, goods-out and supply of feedstocks to Production. Goods received range from drums of chemicals, cylinders of gases, packaging materials and any other type of material required to facilitate the product realisation process. They co-ordinate and communicate clearly with the Sales team to ensure Products are packed as per customer instruction and delivered in the agreed timeframe. Goods can be dispatched in any container from a 20g bottle to a 180kg drum load and often in multiples – the process requires a precise level of attention to ensure we provide the required service levels. Teamwork is critical within any department but especially so in the very busy Materials Logistics team.

SHE (Safety, Health, Environmental)

Every employee is responsible for all SHE aspects; we ensure this mantra is embedded when new members join the team. This ethos is overseen by our SHE Officer and fully supported by the Management team. We encourage a forum of openness and candidness to incident reporting which is welcomed by all staff members.

Research & Development

Our highly qualified and skilled R&D team look at all aspects of new product introduction, process development and project work with customers. They work closely with Quality Control to develop product method analysis and closely with Production to understand the requirements of process improvement. Continuous literature reviews ensure all our methodologies are current and we encourage questioning of the chemical status quo. The group is diverse in its make-up which stimulates discussion leading to problem solving.

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